<p>D1410-C, 12V DC 10 Amp PSU Without Battery Charging &amp; With 10 x 1 Amp Outputs (Box C) </p>

D1410-C, 12V DC 10 Amp PSU Without Battery Charging & With 10 x 1 Amp Outputs (Box C) 





Dycon is the leading independent manufacturer and supplier of ancillary products for the global fire and security industry. 

We utilise the latest technologies, coupled with con-tinuous market monitoring and knowledge, to pro-duce smarter, better value-for-money, more environ-mentally-friendly product ranges that meet the re-quirements of even the most demanding applica-tions.

We pride ourselves on customer service: we value our customers and guarantee to provide them with the best products for their particular applications and always at a competitive price. 

As all Dycon products are manufactured in our own Welsh factories, we are able to respond more rapidly to customer requests and market changes than many other suppliers.