<p>FL0122E, Scalable 2 Channel Infra Red Laser Aspiration Detector.</p>

FL0122E, Scalable 2 Channel Infra Red Laser Aspiration Detector.


FAAST Fire Alarm Aspiration Sensing Technology is a new generation of smoke detectors from Honeywell, which uses advanced technologies to deliver the earliest and most accurate smoke detection. The FAAST device range is designed to cost effectively provide class leading fire protection for people and assets in even the most challenging environments where standard detection methods fail or are prone to false alarm, or in areas which may not previously have been protected.

FAAST delivers...
Earliest warning detection with the highest level of false alarm immunity - up to 67% greater than traditional aspirating detectors
Simple ‘auto configure’ installation to reduce time and costs
Reduced maintenance - extended filter life reduces maintenance by 50%
Extended device lifetime using advanced filtration techniques
Remote monitoring capabilities and richer reporting via TCP/IP connectivity
Enhanced resilience - the only aspirating detector to have passed power generation industry performance tests